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When I was a student, I knew that the road could only lead to China. The future is in the east, where a whole world appears to be discovered.
I was born and raised in Berlin. Shortly after the beginning of my studies, a trip by land through Russia to China became a longer stay in the Far East. Back in Germany, I continued to pursue the goal of learning the Chinese language. In addition to an internship and regular stays in Shanghai during the next years, I went to Qingdao in early 2013, where I have gained direct work experience as a Marketing Manager in China. Since 2015 I do live in Shenzhen and work as a Regional Sales Manager for a trading company, where I gained experience in business development, sourcing and sales in an international environment between Chinese and Western context.

“Mr. Woitera was always highly motivated and able to identify fully with his tasks and the company’s business goals. His enthusiasm has always been a vital motivating factor for colleagues and other stakeholders.”

Akexander Gleissner, Sinacon

“Particularly noteworthy are his excellent analytical skills. He was always open-minded, extremely imaginative and mastered his field of activity in the best possible way. We were highly satisfied with his teamwork in every respect.”

Clemens Helbock, Secession Graphics



If it doesn´t challange you, it doesn´t change you.
Marketing 92
Business 86
Purchasing 74
Social Skills 94
Technical Understanding 78



As a globally minded employee, I learned to work in China amongst Chinese as a Chinese and among Westerners as a Westerner negotiating the distinct cultural differences and building bridges across similarities.